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Music Band featuring lap steel, guitars, ukulele, and drums,  with a touch of country, a sprinkling of jam rock, a smidgen of blues and gospel, and a sprinkling of classic rock.

Jim Bouchard; vocals, guitars, ukulele

Cate O’Connell; guitars, lap steels, vocals

Severin Grossman; bass

Peter D’Angelo; drums and percussion

Peter D’Angelo; drums and percussion - played in Punk Alt-Country band Big Barn Burning throughout the late ‘80s, most recently found playing with classic power rock band Green Street Station and now also The Beauty Way.


Jim Bouchard; ukulele, guitars and vocals - grew up listening to The Beach Boys and Beatles as played by his older brothers, Albert and Joe, who went on to found The Blue Oyster Cult. Studying painting in college, he played many coffeehouse gigs as a solo folk singer all along. Played banjo and guitar on the folk scene in Boston in the ‘90s, in various incarnations, solo and as part of seminal Americana collaborative Toots Rambles.

Cate O’Connell; lap steel virtuoso that grew up in a musical home. Her mother, quite an accomplished pianist, supported Cate's request at age 5 to learn the violin, and again at age 9 when she swiched over to the guitar.

In high school Cate played in a band with Matt Nathanson and went on to discover the Lap steel in college through David Lindley with whom she had the privilege of studing. Her influences include Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, The Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones

Severin Grossman; bass - longtime mainstay of the legendary Boston garage-rock institution, Willie Alexander and Boom Boom Band, Sev was lured out of musical retirement by the rootsy feel of the band to fill the essential bottom line of the band, locking in perfectly with Peter to create the pulse of TBW.

Why the name “The Beauty Way”?: It’s a song we like to play by Eliza Gilkyson, but also there’s also the meaning that comes from the Navajo culture about living the right way, however vague that sounds, its expression is in such concepts as beauty, perfection, harmony, goodness, normality, success, well-being, blessedness, and happiness. Sort of like the Buddhist idea of The Middle Way, treading lightly on this earth with compassion to all. And we’d like to do something that has a bit of beauty in it, so there you have it...

one of our original logo designs...